About Us

Who We Are:

Hello! Sara and Michael here. We live in Brooklyn, New York.  We are an interior designer and architect by trade.  We have always wanted to take the experience of the spatial environment toward a smaller more intimate scale. We started thinking about the idea of dimensional art as a style that could bridge the gap between sculpture and canvas. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and wanted to make sure there was some quirkiness to the art. We started grabbing iconic shapes from around our apartment and thermoforming them... fast forward to now - bring on The Shape Shop! We are in startup mode, but we think this could be a great start to a fun Brooklyn made studio that brings a playful and refined perspective to the community and beyond.

Our Process:

We use a thermoforming process to accomplish the shaping technique.  Our technique identifies formal elements that may not have been obvious with distractors of color and material.  With heat and suction, we drape material over the various objects. Our technique plays with physical filters such as sheen and creases.  Through trial and error, we play with the shapes natural features through a simplified lens.